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5 Ideas to Encourage Healthy Eating in Your Players

by | Aug 25, 2017 | Nutrition

We know, we know. Getting kids to happily eat fruits and veggies can be tough. When was the last time your eight-year-old happily reached across the table for a second helping of cauliflower? While it hasn’t happened yet, it doesn’t mean it can’t!

Although we can’t promise your soccer player will be a fruits and veggies fan overnight, we think these five tips will help make healthy food choices a more attractive option for your family!

  1. Get your soccer player involved!

Let your child help plan meals, pick out recipes and select fresh vegetables when at the store. If they are old enough, and always under your supervision, let them help cook in the kitchen. Helping out in the kitchen is a great way to get your little one interested in what’s on his or her plate later on!

  1. Have healthy snacks readily available

An easy way to get your child interested in fruits and veggies is by simply having them available around the house. Instead of offering chips or cookies as an afternoon snack, offer a banana or crackers instead. Leave the sugary items for special occasions, and instead stock the pantry and kitchen cabinets with healthy options. For snacks on the go, string cheese, apple slices and raisins work perfectly!

  1. Take your child to a farmer’s market or local farm

Teach your little one where the food they eat comes from. Not only will it be a fun outing for the entire family, but it also teaches your child where and how the food he or she eats is created—which is pretty cool! Who knows, maybe your child will be so interested he or she will take it one step further and want to plant his or her own little garden!

  1. Praise healthy choices!

When your child reaches for an apple—or any fruit, vegetable, whole grain, etc.—instead of french fries, give your child a proud smile. However, be diligent to not badger your child if he or she chooses an unhealthy option. Rather, lightly suggest that he or she choose a healthier option, or make a deal, such as, if your child eats the french fries now, then he or she can’t have candy later that day.

  1. Be a role model

Children watch and pick up on the habits of the adults in their life. If you’re eating junk food 24/7 and not balancing your diet with healthy options, then the likelihood of your child having the same habits is high. Be sure to choose healthy options for yourself as well!

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