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The Importance of Germ Safety

by | Jan 25, 2018 | Wellness


That’s something you’ll probably start to hear a lot of as the flu season is currently affecting coworkers, friends, and family. However, there are preventive measures you can share and take to help lower the chance of you or your loved ones from experiencing the unwanted symptoms of the flu. Check out some of these germ safety tips below.

Washing Hands
As redundant as this may sound, washing your hands is one the best ways to prevent transferring illnesses and diseases. This works because soap and water work together to pick up germs and wash them away – not actually killing them.

Disinfecting commonly touched items, such as a cell phones or laptops, is something else to consider when battling the flu, especially if other people are touching those items too. Don’t forget to stock up on antibacterial/alcohol wipes, cleaning spray, and other cleaning products!

Cautiously Sharing
Although sharing your drink with someone can be a kind gesture, it can give you that person’s germs if his or her saliva was transferred to your drink. So be cautious with whom, and how, you share food and beverages.

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