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5 Reasons Why Girls Should Play Sports

by | Jan 5, 2018 | Get Active!

Sports have a variety of different incentives to offer for those who play them, but, unfortunately, the stigma that sports are male activities is still lingering around in today’s society. Consequently, that stigma can be one of the reasons why some girls choose not to participate in soccer, basketball or any other sport, thus, preventing them from reaping the benefits of playing sports.

However, those benefits can be used as motives to get girls to partake in their athletic activity of choice, which, in turn, also helps fight the gender stigma and can influence other girls to participate as well. So what are some of those advantages girls can gain from being part of a sport? Keep on reading.

Builds Self-Confidence

Viewers can have skewed perceptions on what being attractive is as a result of the different models or individuals that are constantly highlighted through different media, such as television and magazines. This can also lead to unrealistic views of beauty because of the “enhanced” digital or makeup touch-ups that have been made prior to the individuals be publicized.

Still, playing sports can provide girls with confidence to fight any negative body image perceptions and push themselves to be their best. How? Two reasons: First, they’re exercising daily, which changes their physique; and secondly, when they’re playing a sport, they’re being motivated by coaches and peers to play at their best, which can help them develop a “can-do” attitude.

Teaches Team Work

Playing a team sport, such as soccer, teaches players how to work together to overcome obstacles and achieve goals. Furthermore, team sports can improve their delegating, negotiation and conflict resolution skills.

Improves Overall Health

By staying physically active, sports participants have a better chance at maintaining an ideal weight, improving cardiovascular health, feeling better overall and much more. More specifically to girls, they have a lower chance of developing breast cancer by staying physically active as opposed to being inactive.

Develop New Friendships

When girls play teams sports, they have the opportunity to make lasting friendships and connections with other individuals because they work as a team and help each other when needed. All in all, team sports can lead to a strong network of peers that make players feel supported and cared for.

Exceling in Academia

Parents generally want their kids to do well in school. Well guess what? Playing sports can help reduce stress and anxiety, improve physical appearance, and fight other health conditions. This means that your kids will have a stronger focus on school rather than being concerned with feeling OK or worrying about their looks.

So the next time your daughter complains about being bored or you see her, encourage her to try a new sport!

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