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3 Ways to Keep Your Child Active During the Winter

by | Feb 2, 2018 | Family Fitness

Summer is long gone, and as the weather gets cooler, you and your kids will probably be spending a lot of time indoors. Additionally, with several outdoor sports taking winter breaks, it might seem like your kids need a break too, but it’s also important to keep your kids active during the winter. For some ideas on how you can keep your kids moving this winter and from spending too much time on the couch, keep on reading.

Throw a daily dance party

Dancing with others, like doing the shimmy with family and friends at home while jamming out to some tunes, makes for a great way to have fun while exercising. There are also several ways for you to jazz up your dance party. Some of these ways include dressing up with fun costumes or using props, dimming the lights, and using flashlights or glow sticks for some fun in the dark.

You can also try turning off the music randomly for a freeze party, or you can hold a dance contest for the best dance moves! Just be sure to remove any furniture that might get in the way.

Play Simon Says

Another great way to get your kids moving is by playing a game of Simon Says. In case you haven’t heard of it, this is a game for three or more players, and during the game, one person takes the role as “Simon” and gives orders with the phrase “Simon says.” An example of an order is “Simon says jump up once.”

Players are eliminated if they do an order that doesn’t have the phrase “Simon says” or if they don’t do an order that has the phrase. The last player remaining wins. Take turns being Simon and try to keep them moving by doing jumping jacks or other movements.

Ice skating or rollerblading

If the weather permits, or if there’s an indoor rink, ice skating and rollerblading are great winter activities to keep kids busy and active. This also helps workout your kids’ legs and glutes, which can help them stay conditioned for the upcoming soccer season. Don’t forget those helmets and knee pads!


This story was first published in AYSO’s 2017 winter PLAYSOCCER.

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